DOA5LR: Christie (Verity) vs Kokoro

I want to see more of this Christie.
Your perspective on Christie is pretty accurate. Christie's speed doesn't do much against an opponent with strong defense besides test their patience when on the defensive. She still needs to open up the opponent by way of breaking their patience or 4T. However, once she has the opponent opened up, her pressure game becomes a work of art. You are correct that pretty much nothing can be SE'ed besides slower moves like 214P or 3P+K~K for instance. To top things off, during the stun game, Christie can almost always enforce a 4-way guess since she effectively has launchers off of lows. However, once you get used to her strings, holding her isn't terribly difficult and less of a risk in open space due to her weak throw punishment. Most difficulty that people have against Christie is generally from ignorance, impatience and possibly poor reflexes too. She can make people panic easily too...


Sep 11, 2015 at 11:07 PM
Posted by Radiance
I recently started playing Christie because I wanted to see hands on what makes the character good. Playing against Hoodless offline and randoms online it was easy to see the difference between using this character against high level skilled player versus moderate skilled players. When I first started playing her I was playing really unsafe, and was confused about what made her good. Speed is nothing if your opponent has great defense. After a little time in training, I got accustomed to her crazy stun game, 4P+G pressure, jahieko guard breaks, and her silly advantageous wall game. There's so much she can do and everything is a guess, nothing can be slow escaped. What made this match a bit easy for me is that for a while now I've been playing Kokoro seriously, she actually replaced my Eliot. So I know what Koko is capable of and this guy practically let me do whatever
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