DOA5LR - Dragon Guide Followup #6: Applying MASTER's oki tech to Jann Lee

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Jun 27, 2017 at 6:47 PM
Posted by Darkslay
Welcome back, bros!

Today we're going to look at an un-explored property involving the ground game in DOA5LR. Which will try to teach how you can apply this tech and attempt to find a setup of your own as well. As well as some finer aspects of the technical side of DOA.

This tech was originally discovered by the one and only, the DOA superhero, MASTER. I highly encourage you to check out MASTER's content and follow him for more high quality DOA shenanigans. Be sure to watch his recent Educational Stream to get a better understanding of the subject matter of this video.

Check out the full Dragon Guide for an in-depth breakdown of Jann Lee in DOA5LR.

Also check out the general Jann Lee discussion thread hosted on FreeStepDodge for more information, debate and updates.

Thank you again for watching.

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