imagine if raidou were flown too far and didn't land on any of the surface
Haha. I'd still like to know what exactly causes this glitch though, and if it happens on other stages too.
DK too stronk it chases you like a heat-seeking missile XD
@Codemaster92163: I didn't know it isn't dragon kick specific, lol. It's the first time ever I've seen this glitch, too. The initiation of the glitch is probably distance related, like you said. I was so surprised when it happened though. It felt like such a cheap win! :p
That's not dragon kick specific. That's happened to a lot of moves, such as Pai's dragon kick and Nyo's 7KP.

I think any move that causes a rolling back animation on hit can cause this glitch. How, I don't know. Distance related, perhaps? Either way, it's more common than you may think.


Apr 12, 2015 at 8:12 PM
Posted by KING JAIMY
This is a lobby match in which I ended the match with a broken Dragon Kick. Apparently the game decided to give me twice the amount of damage for a single Dragon Kick. Not to mention the fall damage that got me the K.O.! :eek:

I feel a nerf is coming. :rolleyes:
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