DOA5LR: Mai Shiranui Unholdable Power Blow Setups

Have you tested the timing different when a character techs down or up from the wall instead of back towards the wall? Timing is different in that case. Most people, when teching from a wall knock down, will be teching up or down in order to get their back away from the wall. If those set ups work in that situation as well, then you've got yourself some sweet tech.


Sep 26, 2016 at 7:07 PM
Posted by KING JAIMY
This video goes over Mai’s unholdable Power Blow setups which I’ve found over the past few days. These only work when performed near a full wall. Enjoy!

COM Settings:

- COM Reaction: Mid Kick Hold
- COM Options: Recovery ON, Stagger Escape FASTEST
- Counters: Always Counter
- Power Blow: ON

Setup Notations can be found here:

Music: Dead or Alive 5 OST Niug-Nep Place
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