DOA5U EIN (Tenryuga) vs AYANE (Force of Nature)

3H+K has no frame traps, it's -3 on block. Also, you have to react to whiffs with 4K to score the reward (it's really rewarding on reaction and faster than 3H+K for it's range "which is pretty lengthy"). You were still reacting to Ein's whiffs, just with a slower move. 4K has the speed to punish whiffs at good ranges.
LOL 3P TOO STRONK! Yeah he did whiff 236P, but I can't react to things online properly. But I do try 4K to whiff punish some shit when I'm slightly out of my opponents range. Though I like 3H+K's safety and frametrap that it provides compared to getting 4K blocked.
Also, Force, you might want to make use of Ayane's 4K for whiff punishment when you're closer to the opponent instead of 3H+K. Tenryuga whiffed his 236P and 4K would have smackced it (4K > 4P > BT BnB). Keep 3H+K as a keepout tool at range and make 4K your whiff punisher (as well as 3P because the stun is very rewarding on counter hit).
Lol the players that say Ein is low tier are the same ones that try to rushdown and neglect his spacing tools. I'm not gonna lie and say Ein is one of the best chars in the game but hes now low tier. Low-Mid and needs some buffs. #BuffEin #TORIYAH2014
I think I would kill myself playing that passive with Ein. I play like that until I learn patterns in play then go to town but damn.
Who you believe that all other Ein players try to rush me down as if that will really hurt Ayane? But no Ten has to wait for me to screw up -_- lol. Setting the timer to 50 seconds next time.
Haha thanks for the praise guys. I try.
Finally get to see you play and wow. It's incredible how polarizing our styles are. It's so different the way you play Ein. The on point spacing, the patience, the reactions. Heck you'd probably beat me in a fight. This is a real Ein player right here. Good stuff from the both of you.
Ten's Ein is awesome. He essentially makes you think about every single move you make. A true footsie's specialist.
I've been wanting to see Tenryuga in action. Solid awareness for sure. Very focused on getting every cent of his damage.


Feb 2, 2014 at 8:57 PM
Posted by Force_of_Nature
Battle of turtle vs. turtle. Who will succumb to the dreaded Time Out...?
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