DOA5U KASUMI (Force of Nature) vs JANN LEE (DRAGONLORD!) Officer Kasumi Reporting for Duty!

LMFAO! PewPew I'm losing my shit XD! I actually used to press a lot of buttons as Ayane too lol. It took me a long while to learn that buttonmashing with Ayane gets you killed offline O_O. LOL, the raw 7K was a bad habit left over from my VF Jacky XD (Yeah, I'm scummy). I couldn't contain myself by the last round lol. The shit was GOLD!
Ok, first off, this costume comination is hilarious. I don't know who of those two look more misplaced for being in a fighting game were you rather expect to see some brawny dudes. Not saying I don't like it, otherwise, I wouldn't play this game too xD

I'm wondering if you have drunken some kind of ominous liquid before this fight, otherwise, I can't explain how an Ayane player would tend to sit on the buttons that much. Like that raw 7K at 1:27 xD. That was very unexpected, were did you' patience dissappear too?

And lmao about the last round.
Lol, in some way, I want to say a lot of things to this fight, but somehow not.
Haha, Thanks for the tip Chapstick! 9K is guaranteed for a HKD after CH 6PP if the opponent doesn't SE on Fastest. I also completely missed an opportunity for a 33K in a corner when I thought I'd get a wall hit lol. My Kasumi is so scrubby xD.
I believe 9K is guaranteed after those elbow sitdowns like 6PP
There's a jann lee player in toronto?


Dec 20, 2014 at 3:58 AM
Posted by Force_of_Nature
Introducing... The DRAGONLORD! O_O!!! The new horrific abomination from DOATEC! Arising from his slumber and terrorizing the children of this great world! Never fear though, because Officer Kasumi is here =D! Can she slay this new fearsome threat to our beloved peaceful planet...? Tune in tonight to find out! :cool:
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