[HD] "Our Little Secret" - The DOA5LR Honoka Guide

@tylor You could if you wanted to. you and taj pick up characters very easily. It's borderline a super power lol.
@Rich If i knew Bass like you did, I would so make a guide for him! Haha
Just waiting for that *cough cough* Bass guide xD
You guys are killing it with the guides. Good work
@KING JAIMY Thanks!! Also the guide was made to introduce new players to Honoka without overwhelming them like the 1st Kasumi guide. We generally don't do stage combos since we don't use this guide for combos but we'll probably make another one for "Stage Combos". Also, Tylor and I felt it would of been a waste to do Unholdables ,Slip Stun combos since it would of been the same combo over and over.Also for Hissatsu T we felt that there was no need to do a combo since the damage you get from complementing the throw is amazing. As always thanks for the Honoka help :D you always help us when we need it.
Thanks Jaimy! We will probably make another guide later down the line! But, we wanted to get the main information out there. I also, didn't know that she didn't have Bending stance? That's weird. I just thought she did, since she had Rig's moves. That's my bad. Sorry about that. RenderingStar and I had NO idea what to do for Alpha! HAHA! So, we just did our best on that! Lol
Nice work, as always! I didn't know 3K was a crush moves, haha. =)

Just a few notes:

- Honoka doesn't have a Bending Stance, despite having Rig's moves from it. All of Rig's moves come from Dokuritsu-Ho for Honoka.
- I'm not sure, but W! > 33P > 33P > 6K > 2P+K4(6P) might be a more damaging wall combo on Alpha as opposed to 33P > 3KP > P+KPP.
- 46P and 214P+K are also good follow-ups after 6T if you want to keep the pressure on your opponent. Just be mindful that 214P+K can be avoided by merely walking backwards because of its awful range.

And perhaps some interesting topics to cover for Honoka in the future:

1. Hissatsu K launch setups.
2. Moves with best range.
3. Setups for each launcher.
4. Unholdables.
5. PL combos.
6. Dangerzone (Stage) Combos.
7. Slip Stun Combos.
8. Follow-ups from Hissatsu T.
9. Rock-Paper-Scissor Showdown (just for funsies) xD.
*doesnt use her "promise me you won't tell anyone" outro but based it off the quote* lol just poking great video!


Jan 5, 2016 at 6:50 PM
Posted by panicitstylor
Shhhhhh..... :honoka:

"Our Little Secret" The Honoka DOA5LR Guide is finally here! This guide will go over things such as, CB combos, to guarantees! Also, please note that everything in this guide is guaranteed and CANNOT be Stagger Escaped! We hope you enjoy it! :)

If you have any comment, questions, or concerns feel free to contact me!

The music in the guide is:
"Rewind!" - from the DOA5LR Soundtrack
"Fallen Leaves" - from the DOA5U Soundtrack
"Our Little Secret" - from the DOA5LR Soundtrack
"Now and Forever" - from the DOA4 Soundtrack

We do not own and music used in this video, and is using for fan purposes only! Thanks.

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We wanna give a big shout out to King Jaimy. If it wasn't for him, we wouldn't know max damage for certain combos.
Here is his links:
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_ZMUXWNI55gg3eofQ0EpmQ
Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/kingjaimy
FSD: http://www.freestepdodge.com/members/king-jaimy.8970/

Lastly, if you haven't already, be sure to follow the DOa5LR Google+ community!! http://tinyurl.com/pd9h6s3
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