Hitomi's Deadly Guaranteed Combos (Scramble stage)

Because your opponents can get hi counter thrown if they hold.
It's stance dependent. I know that Akira's, from the player 1 side, his last hit into the generator needs to leave him with his chest facing the camera. Otherwise the interactable with the pillar won't work. Sounds like it's the same situation here.

Player 2 side, his chest needs to be facing away from the camera.


Oct 26, 2017 at 9:20 AM
Posted by Chaos
It's about time I found some guaranteed combos on the scramble stage, but theres one BIG problem..........................they don't always work because they're inconsistent for some odd annoying reason! :(

Anyway, despite all of this shit I still wanted to share them. :)

Works on mid and light weight characters.
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