They'll just revert it how it was before where bounce dangerzones only allow one follow up air throw after the first wall bounce. so until then let the trolling commence. WOOOOOO!
It may or may be irrational, but I fear that when TN nerfs this they will over nerf it. I don't trust TN at all.

BTW, a stage specific throw infinite. Anyone else reminded of DOA3 Bass?
Leon doesn't have a 15 frame force tech he can whip out on anybody that has been grounded. He just needs a look at how his air throw interacts with bouncing walls.
Posting this video right now open to the public when this game at minimum will still get two more patches sounds like legit idea. Should have kept him off the radar, but now if TN does find this they might do more to him then remove that infinite as they take another look at him and not the good stuff. Look at what happened to Rachel.
"When you play the game of trolls, you win or you die."
SweetRevenge, being a_sack_of_shit doesn't suit you.
Dont delete anything Brutus Rhodes. I love trolling. Its who I am. Please dont delete who I am :(
Oh, good. We're on the same page, then.
So I'll just go ahead and delete all of your troll posts where you said the opposite. :)
His infinite should stay. Its only two stages and if someone is actually playing leon in tournament and gets lucky enough to get one of the stages in tournament they deserve to win the figurative lottery.
If the game's not broken it doesn't need a patch. And if it doesn't need a patch, Leon's infinite stays. :D
Doa isnt broken. Tag is broken. This game seems broken cus most people suck so bad the shit people do seems unfair. Reality is they just suck and cant figure it out
Stop lying poop. You know you doing it right now as you type :D
IF I had Xbox live, I'd be doing this right now, lol


Jun 19, 2014 at 5:55 PM
Posted by DontForkWitMe
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