One More Reason Why You Shouldn't Use Alpha-152 Against Akira (2014-03-04)

It got easier as it went on. He was doing a pattern and I studied it. Believe what you want but I put my word on it
It's almost a minute and a half, the other vid before this was even longer.
If it was literally 40 min you would have had to take less than 60 seconds each time to get 46 wins in.
How does one beat someone 46 times in 40 minutes?
No, this alpha is just terrible.
I'm always glad if I meet alpha... She's so fun to juggle. seriously... you can juggle her forEVER
There's a clear difference between hating them and just finding them stupid/silly, you know <3
<3 You know I didn't mean "I hate all Alpha players" right?
you can use alpha against akira, just don't press buttons like a fucking moron. Too many scrubs like to believe alpha is a win button. She's really not and not even viable in higher play.
This guy makes me ashamed to be an Alpha-152 main.
Sorry about that, I was being lazy and didn't put it in the description.

This guy came in my lobby and was talking crap, y'know the standard "I'm the best because nobody can beat the 'Alpha 152 guaranteed combo' I copied from Youtube" Scrub.

So I had told this guy he was full of $h!t and so we fought for 40 minutes and I won a total of 46 times.

The point of this video is to point out two things

1. That you shouldn't rely on a single tactic to win, its asinine and foolish. You're eventually going to run into that one who is going to kick your @$$.

2. If the matchup is bad (Ex. Ein vs Helena), create a plan that makes up for your weaknesses. In this case Akira's Tetsuzanko(466 P+K) or "Iron Wall Lean" and Dashing Elbow(666 P) can be done BT and Towards the opponent to crush and punish. This dude kept trying to setup the same combo and it was failing horribly.

Long story short, don't use a character if the matchup is bad, unless you have plans to give you a winning edge
I don't understand what the reason is you shouldn't use Alpha against Akira


Mar 5, 2014 at 12:21 PM
Its the same guy after 30 consecutive loses.
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