Pai (Hold_Junkie93) vs Ryu (So close)

Good match Hold. It's been a while.
Like I know for example if you get a well timed Mid punch hold and you use 3K, it will be at level 2 critical giving me the option to CB, or bound with K+G for the follow up. Or I mess with heads and just sweep from the stance.
That's cool. I play mainly vf now. So, my play style has changed recently and has fused into doa. So, I do some weird shit.
Kudos on using 66P+KH to bait the low hold, then. Almost no one ever uses it.

If you're willing to hear any advice, just remember that Pai has a ton of SDSs to use, making your climb to a CB much easier.


May 9, 2015 at 3:18 AM
Posted by Hold_Junkie93
Very close battle with my friend
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