How did i JUST NOW see this epic shit? Great job Brute!
@Grunt: 14, not that anyone's counting. :p
@Rev: Pretty much.
@Queen: Really? Hm, I'll have to try that. Thanks for the heads up.
@Goarmagon: It's an epic OST
@Ballr: Epic Ryu's are taking over FSD. It's glorious.
@AKG: I wish that were true. Unfortunately my greatest strength is also my greatest weakness. xD
@Jaguar: Everyone's seen the HiC Otoshi a million times. But HiC Rekko hold off the cliff? Now that's epic.
@DrSnipe: lol!
@Choas: Your Hayabusa doesn't suck. What're you talkin' about?
@Kronin/SilverForte/gill/Forlorn & the rest: Thanks for all the compliments and support. Means a lot. Glad you enjoyed it.
@Chaos From what I've seen, yours is better than me.
*Note to self: convert that Facebook vid already!*
Why my Hayabusa sucks!? *
Dear god where is the like button. I need to mash it so I can break my phone.
All this Hayabusa love! I love it! :D Favorite part @1:08 ;)
Cool video. The music compliments it well too.

And I love the tags "sarah is dumb", "tengu", "tengu 2014", and "tengu2014".

Ryu: "My strength comes from this video, not from some patch in my blood."

But seriously, this is really good. Check out the keyword and support tengu lol. #Tengu2014
Good shit Brute, love it! Two Ryu tributes in less than a week, what more can FSD ask for lmao :)
The video is really impressive: nice job Brute for a great show of Ryu's awesomness! ;)
Great Job Brute, you and Ballr shows really how epic Ryu can be in your tributes!
A tip from my side when you add a picture with 720p at the beginning or the end you can improve the quality to 720p its not real HD but you see the quality difference and the video goes sharper!
I feel like you will just drop down and die if you do not do at least 1 izuna every 5 seconds.

That being said; amazing video, bud. Damn good watch.


Feb 6, 2014 at 6:15 AM
Posted by Brute
This is a tribute video I made for the Singular Super Ninja, Ryu Hayabusa.

This is not a combo video. It's meant to be epic and that's all. I put a lot of time into this one trying to set-up certain scenarios in the middle of fights that I wanted to capture, but obviously they weren't always cooperative.

The music in the Ninja Gaiden Main Theme, which always sends a chill down my spine. All of these clips were recorded with either the 1.03 or 1.04 version of DOA5U. I was originally going to include the Izuna launch 33P4 Shoho combo, but when it was removed with the 1.04 patch, I replaced the footage with something that still works.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.
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