my theory is that internally the game differentiates between "status against throws/OH" and "status against strikes" and the game only shows us the "status against throw" one while the other one remains hidden
Oh its standing XD my bad and yeah that is strange, sounds like the game is treating it kinda like Phase/Kasumk's 7PP and Marie Rose's 7P where it'll just knock them down on hit even though they're not actually jumping, just flipping backwards
@KasumiLover69 she's considered standing according to the move details, and since i can get 5,7,10, and 12 frame throw punishes off without a hitch, she is definitely on the ground and standing, it's just the strike punishes that treat her recovery frames like she's airborne
I believe that's because Kasumi is considered jumping off the ground during the attack and you hit her JUST before she went back to standing status. You have to turn the move details on to "right"to see her conditions so it makes more sense


Feb 9, 2017 at 3:26 PM
Went to training mode to see what blocked moves allow me to get a full combo punish with nyos' 5p+k, and I ran into this situation. if you attack kasumi during the recovery frames of running kk, for some reason the hit acts like she got hit airborne, and you don't get a full strike punish, the hell is up with that? I don't know if it's a nyo thing, or if everyone already knows about this, but this is definitely weird, she's clearly on the ground while recovering, or is there something im missing?
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