its just an hayate moves under a rachel tech crouch moves (1p)
the hayate moves do a cross up under rachel
rachel do the follow up of 1p
the follow up hit and track hayate nothing else...
maybe it's because the move free steps around and just these two tango around each other.
oh, you didn't know that rachels' 1pp string sidesteps automatically, watta scrub. jk, actually real talk it looks like one of those weird you're-too-close-to-wall-so-weird-stuff-happens interactions. one example is how nyos' 8p+k has a tendency to whiff completely on grounded opponents if they are too close to the walls of the stage. looking at this it looks like hayates' forward advancing start frames pushed rachel against the wall and put her into a weird spot so his attack missed and rachel got the 1pp off, that's all i can think of.


Oct 27, 2016 at 1:47 AM
Posted by UncleKitchener
what what
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