@Chaos: Nope; but he did ragequit.

@Awesmic: Huh?
Ahh, so I was fighting YOU two days ago after all.
I wonder if the dude sent you a hatemail? XD
dude has a strong neck, gotta give him credit
He was the sacrificial tribute delivered to the Izuna Deity to quell His stirring restlessness.
His sacrifice will never be forgotten.
LOL! Brute, did this person suddenly decided that they were just gonna be a sparring dummy instead of putting up a fight?


Jan 25, 2014 at 4:28 AM
Posted by Brute
I have finally done it. 3 rounds, singles, normal health, 9 Izunas, no losses, no dropped Izunas.

Pray that the Izuna God is merciful in his gracious slaughter.

Also, I finally did some video editing. Yay!
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