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My name is DOAN, and I've been playing Dead or Alive since it was introduced in the 90s when I was just eight years old. There was something really special about the original game to me and I spent hours playing it feeling like I found a game nobody else had ever played.

When Dead or Alive 2 came out, I felt like my hidden gem was exposed and it was exciting. The hype for the Dreamcast combined with DOA2 was really out of this world because my friends were finally beginning to see what I was seeing. On top of all of those things, I had never seen such a beautiful game my entire life.

My first time playing Dead or Alive 3 was with one of my best friends who had moved to New York and I visited him and observed that he was still playing DOA. We played that game for hours, and loved everything about it. At this point I was becoming very interested in DOAs story because of those magical CGI cut scenes.

Shortly after the XBOX came out it became my number one system for a time because of Team NINJA's mind-blowing library of exclusive games. I barely had time for school because I was either playing Dead or Alive 2: Ultimate, Ninja Gaiden Black or Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball.

DOA2: Ultimate's opening with Kasumi and Ayane changed how I viewed stories for fighting games. It was beautifully produced and certain elements of it are very close to my heart, and I always cringe when people piss on DOAs story because I think about that very scene. This scene caused me to believe that DOA was more than just a fighting game (and yes I do think the DOA movie is an absolute blast).

When I was fourteen years old I signed up for the DOATEC forum and learned there were plenty of other people that loved DOA. I always thought DOA deserved quality news posts, so I manned the Team NINJA Clan and posted news for everything related to DOA and Ninja Gaiden. When Dead or Alive 4, Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 and Ninja Gaiden II came out I felt like it was round two of the trifecta of gaming perfection.

When Itagaki left Team NINJA, and we had a spell of constant Ninja Gaiden re-releases my world was in ruin, but I made the best of it. DOAD on the 3DS was not enough to capture my attention, but as soon as Dead or Alive 5 was announced I was back in business!

I've been writing for FSD for over six years now supporting the offline tournament scene with humongous write-ups and Team NINJA news. The series has blessed me with unbreakable relationships and tons of fun throughout my whole life and I will gladly write about this franchise until the day I die.
June 6
Las Vegas
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