Dirge Of Ram
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  • Chapter 45 now available. Re-Energize The Final Timeline with all New Costumes again. Only On The Dreamcast, it's still thinking!
    Fixed Up The Typos. Done A Real Completion List on the Cut-Scene Hex Addresses. Deleted Scenes right there all this time.
    Complete New Overhaul on The New 56 thread.. Tons New Screenshots & cut lot out straight to the point. That's that done.
    Finally listed down all Cut-Scenes with the Four that goes unused. I may not be able to tap into the scripting codes. Got Two New Chapters this month already it's still thinking.
    Chapter 42 now available. Expanding The New 56 Timelines & more SD Remaster goodness. Only On The Dreamcast, it's still thinking.
    Chapter 38 now available with Seventy New Costumes & Combo Limit On 99. Dive Into The New 70, Only On The Dreamcast.
    Chapter 37 now available with over Sixty New Costumes. Build-Up The New 70, To Be Played On The Dreamcast Only.
    Chapter 31 Now Available To Play Today! Only For The Dreamcast. As You Know Never Stops Thinking & Then Some.
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