1. branded_rick

    DOA 3 JP Region Free?

    SO I remember people saying the Japanese version is the "better" version because it has more content in comparison to the NA version even if you updated it via XBOX Demo Disc or DOA2U. So I ask if it's region free? I remember finding a list of original XBOX games that are region free but I dont...
  2. grap3fruitman

    Gultigargar hacked Tengu to be more playable

    Here's @Gultigargar 's description: Here's the video of semi-playable Tengu: For comparison, this is how Tengu plays without @Gultigargar 's modifications/corrections to the data: I thought this was thread worthy. He's found some other unused stuff too:
  3. HitomiLeifang

    If Hitomi and Leifang were to fight in DOAD during DOA3

    I dunno if this is just me but if this were to turn out to be an actual fight in this scene. Who would win? Would you agree that Lei Fang would fight Hitomi because she got in the way in front of her and Jann Lee in their first encounter? Plus Ein would fight Jann Lee during that time so...
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