1. deathofaninja

    DOA6 Kokoro, Lisa and NiCO Revealed

    13530 Kokoro, Lisa 'La Mariposa' Hamilton and new female character, NiCO, along with three new stages were announced at Team NINJA's 2018 Dead or Alive Festival. The studio released two trailers at the event, both with their own story sequences and gameplay demonstrations. Additionally, Team...
  2. Matt Ponton

    Improving the Neutral: Shimbori Talks System Changes

    Tokyo Game Show 2018 (TGS) took place between the dates of September 20th to September 23rd in the Chiba prefecture outside Tokyo, Japan. It was my first time attending the event, and I had the fortune to visit it during the press-exclusive days of the 20th and 21st in addition to the public...
  3. U

    Characters Lisa/La Mariposa Throw Punish Thread

    :La Mariposa:/:lisa: Frame Data Tier 1 (7i & 8i) :P::P:(:4:):P: (:4:) (+1)(-3)(-8) (:high::high::high:) (NT)(T)(T) :P::K::K: (:4:) (+1)(-12)(-8)((-3)) (:high::high::mid:) (NT)(T)(NT) :6::P::K: (:4:) (-8)(-8)((-3)) (:mid::mid:) (NT)(NT) :6::P::8::K::K: (-8)(-8)(-8)...
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