1. M

    Male Hair/Makeup Pack??

    i know everyone's on the new doa but for people still modding the 5th one is there any head/hair/face mod packs that i could work from?? i have dozens of ones for the female characters but im still looking for any male ones, pls n ty.
  2. IvynLing

    Release Hellsing Cosplay and Mod Pack I

    Hi folks, I'm here to release my first mods files: Hellsing pack: - Sarah as Seras Victoria - Jacky as Alucard Mod Pack I - Bass Showstopper - Star Brad Wong (Party Hard Brad Wong) - Pool Party Brad wong
  3. IvynLing

    Costume Showstopper Bass

    Hello, it's Ivynling again, sorry for bothering you guys. I just wanna show my first mod: Showtopper Bass. I was going to make a Kevin Nash Cosplay, but I decided to make this one instead, it's just a basic re-texture (but dealing with alpha channel and normal map was a pain in the a** tho.), I...
  4. grap3fruitman

    Gultigargar hacked Tengu to be more playable

    Here's @Gultigargar 's description: Here's the video of semi-playable Tengu: For comparison, this is how Tengu plays without @Gultigargar 's modifications/corrections to the data: I thought this was thread worthy. He's found some other unused stuff too:
  5. dee4doa

    DEAD OR ALIVE 2 Modding tutorials and discussion

    I'm back and I've had a great idea, I've made this thread to condense all my modding finding and tutorials here so that it's easier to have all the guides here instead of scattered around other places. DEAD OR ALIVE 2 Modding Tutorials: (ver. based on 1999 DOA2) Compatible Versions: -SEGA...
  6. M


    im trying to add a bow to a hairstyle and blender exports the tmcmesh perfectly up until its rigged tot he armature, every other rigging/exporting has been successful except for this one, any thoughts/ suggestions?? not sure why its just the current project im on thats having the issue
  7. M

    figured out object tool, now dealing with texture issue

    any tips on how to fix?? ive changed every transparency setting i could imagine n idk what else i could do
  8. M

    Request MODDING HELP

    I'm currently trying to use lnk reshuffle(or any type of tool for that matter) to put this hairstyles into the game, even if I'm not capable of making it myself i'd still like to know how to have someone make it so (me) and everyone can enjoy it :'v my current issue is that the program itself...
  9. Brajan

    Request Requests - All Requests + Post here new!

    So whenever i am in some threads i see multiple requests have been made. so i gathered somehwat info all together and collected requests from other members as well as from my self. BEFORE someone jumps at me saying it's too much. well. eventually people are gonna run out of ideas. i mean these...
  10. gamemaster14

    Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Venus mods possible with Henkaku?

    A mod for the psvita called Henkaku (psv 3.60 ONLY) and the programs Maidumptool and Vitamin allow you to dump the games you own and run them off the ps vita's memory card. A nice side effect is the vpk file it dumps is essentially a zip file, one could theoretically modify game contents before...
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