1. PacGodMajor

    Online Tourney??

    If anyone knows about any online tourneys or scheduled casuals go ahead and drop that info off here in the thread!?!?! Much appreciated
  2. HitomiLeifang

    Dead or Alive CG animated series/movies

    Anyone thought about a Dead Or Alive CG animated series/movies? Recently King of Fighters are doing a series whereas Tekken did movie. DOA must be behind when it comes to animated series and I feel like they need to do so in order to milk their franchise and increase the popularity of the...
  3. U

    DOA5LR Bass Tutorial Series (Unfinished)

    Hi all. Some time ago, I was in the process of doing a tutorial series to teach people how to use Bass. After a few years of playing the game, my interest had gone and I wasn't really interested. While it's probably too late in the game's lifespan to post these, I hope they do help those...
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