1. LethalKasumi

    DOA6 - write your own story

    This thread will be a flop but it could be fun. So, just like the title says - write your own story or continue where DOA5 left off. Basically write your own version of the DOA6 story using your imagination whether you add your own unqie characters or just use the current characters. I'm very...
  2. JJdude

    Potential Romance in new story?

    Now I know there are people who don't really care for it, but it's one of the things I do like. The obvious one is Hayate and Hitomi considering the history the had when Hayate was Ein. When they confronted each other again in DOA5 you can sense that Hayate still have a special connection with...

    Media Non-playable characters showcase, Tag manipulation

    Here's an indepth video showcasing various details of DOA5LR's Story mode non-playable characters, a glitched "headless Kasumi" and Tag manipulation. You can explore these characters too by yourself through the Character Unlocker tool I've made. A download link and more information can be...
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