Thoughts on Hitomi and Leifang in DOA6 thus far

What are your thoughts of Hitomi and Leifang in DOA6 thus far? I felt like it is repetitive DOA5 format all over again but this time some of it was incorporated from 4 where they fought for the treasure instead of the cabbage but in a more friendly manner and with Ein absent and no Jann Lee involved, I feel like some of the parts of their relationship were left out therefore putting their friendship at a casual level. I personally find it stupid these days for DOA to not focus on too many of the characters beside the main ones. Story DLC is not a bad idea but I feel like either an AU, spinoff manga, anime, live action, 3d animated series, or just keep pressing them to give us love for the characters. I can't believe that Hitomi is becoming a wasted potential after being the poster girl replacement for Kasumi and Leifang being treated worse since DOA1 but I can see she is getting well faired recently in looks and appearance but falls short of other Chinese martial artists from other games Chun Li and Ling Xiaoyu. Maybe a fan series should be spanned in the works for the two. I hope that there is some sympathy and acknowledgement that these characters can have a spotlight in the future but nearly as the other characters.
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