1. Darkslay

    ''Fascinating... Well show me what you've got!'' The DOA6 Jann Lee General Discussion Thread

    With the imminent release of DOA6 drawing ever closer to us, I think it's time we take a dive into what Jann Lee is going to be like in DOA6. As of now, this thread is going to majorly revolve around theorizing and discussing potential changes and possibilities for JL in the upcoming game...

    Media PL into 8H+K = guaranteed force tech

    There's a way to land Jann Lee's 8H+K "twice" during a juggle, which will result in a guaranteed Force Get-up on any roof-less stage and weight. Just for your info, the damage itself isn't too bad. Hitting 8H+K like that deals the same damage of juggling a Dragon Kick (236K). video 2...

    wall combo into force tech into unholdable

    TeruRock is sharing cool technology in his channel.

    P+K is INSTANTLY backturned

    Not even Ayane the back turned legend has anything like this. Jann Lee's Dragon Elbow (P+K) turns him into back-facing from the very first frame. This can be used to change the stun animation type Jann is going to receive into a more advantageous or unexpected one, such as an animation that...

    Dragon Kick PK setup

    When you land High Kick (the first kick contained in the strings PK or KKK) versus the enemy as a deep stun, you can follow it with an "uninterruptible" Dragon Kick (236K). This combination has quite a few pros: - the 236K will land OUTSIDE of the combo threshold at any Stagger Escape speed...
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