1. Force_of_Nature

    Dead or Alive 6 Character Guides by Force of Nature

    Greetings, I'm FoN and I've compiled 28 DOA6 character guides for the assistance of the DOA community: Ayane: Bass: Bayman: Brad Wong: Christie: This should serve as a good starting point for anyone interested in learning a character in DOA6. Cheers, -FoN @deathofaninja
  2. dee4doa

    DEAD OR ALIVE 2 Modding tutorials and discussion

    I'm back and I've had a great idea, I've made this thread to condense all my modding finding and tutorials here so that it's easier to have all the guides here instead of scattered around other places. DEAD OR ALIVE 2 Modding Tutorials: (ver. based on 1999 DOA2) Compatible Versions: -SEGA...
  3. U

    DOA5LR Bass Tutorial Series (Unfinished)

    Hi all. Some time ago, I was in the process of doing a tutorial series to teach people how to use Bass. After a few years of playing the game, my interest had gone and I wasn't really interested. While it's probably too late in the game's lifespan to post these, I hope they do help those...
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