DOA5U Akira 1 Frame Knee Video

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Your techinques works ;).... although I had to do it ten times faster for the knee to actually come out.

So theres just one thing I want to know: Does the game actually care when I press :h: so long as I release it within one frame after pressing :K:..... basicly I'm asking if the JFK is using Negative Edge ?
Think of it like a simultaneous press of H+K. You have the right idea, H has to be released within one frame of the simultaneous press.
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Made my own video, used VF5FS since it has a frame counter you can reference and see what your inputs actually give you. I know this topic is several years old at this point but I don't understand what the hell Sly's video is showing me. It doesn't explain anything... So I took a few minutes to actually go into detail with my method. Used the slow-mo on my phone starting at 3:20 so you can really see how quick of a movement it is.

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These are the three Akira knee inputs accepted by DOA5LR (tested with tool-assistance):
frame 1: hold H+K
frame 2: release H (do not release K on this frame)
frame 1: hold K
frame 2: hold H
frame 3: release H (do not release K on this frame)
frame 1: hold H
frame 2: hold K
frame 3: release H (do not release K on this frame)
As far as I know there are no other acceptable inputs to perform the move.
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