Can Scorpion alone take on DoA and Tekken Girls?

Scorpion from Mortal Kombat.

Composite Version of Scorpion.

DoA Girls.

Tekken Girls.


All Girls from Both Games are b@th¡ng in Pond.

Scorpion is teleporting Here and there to Find Sub Zero.

But by mistake he teleport to Pond where girls are b@th¡ng. Girls Freaks out at Scorpion. First Embarrassed then Angry at Scorpion. They puts up their Clothes and Attacks Scorpion.

Can Scorpion alone take on Bunch of Angry Chicks of both Games?
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This is frame advantage
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VS threads...?

The winners of this entire scenario and every other "showdown" between every other fictional character are...

Official scriptwriters and/or fanfiction writers. They just better hope that the materials they present are entertaining and, at very least, sensible in the eyes of the actual fans.

Not to sound rude, but this is a matchmaking section for local offline events or any specific fighting game get-togethers otherwise. The thread seems like something off of a juvenile gamefaqs discussion.
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