Celebrate Tamaki's Ban Lift with a New Shirt

Verison 1.22 is expected to be the last update for Dead or Alive 6 and with it came a few inevitable send-off DLCs and a couple bug fixes before hanging up the vanilla version of the game. Thankfully 1.22 fixed Tamaki's 4 H+K to now be holdable and Tamaki's ban has been removed from Free Step Dodge's DOA Tournament Suggested Rulings. Please show your support for FSD and Tamaki by purchasing our beautiful new shirt from the FSD shop.

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This might be my favorite FSD shirt yet as it's not only colorful but it's sexy too.

I don't play the role of a critic, but as a buyer I will say these are comfortable DOA shirts and should be given a chance. Team NINJA merchandise licensed or not is hard to come by - I challenge you to find a DOA shirt right now anywhere outside of the generic 'I'm a Fighter' or DOA6 logos. This might be my favorite FSD shirt yet as it's not only colorful but it's sexy too. This design is also available as a tank top which would look perfect for your Spring & Summer leisure.

Tamaki was actually incarcerated (and not for public intoxication surprisingly) with two separate charges of bans that would have prevented her from entering at Final Round 2020 & April Annihilation. These counts are: The Two Week Character Release Limit and Unholdable Bug. She has been released early for good behavior and communication, but unfortunately there are no tournaments for her to enter in as stay at home rules are still in effect for many players.

Online tournaments are being considered so that players have an option to compete and FSD will continue to keep you posted on Dead or Alive news while activities are sorted out by organizers. This is not the end of Dead or Alive. Credit for the design of the shirt goes to free-lance artist, Mugen Kuro XIII!
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