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Nice video. I haven't got my console with me so I cannot test anything but I'm glad to see that at least there's one guaranteed mid kick launcher near the wall.

Honestly I wouldn't use too much that 2F+KT technique after 66T at the wall as there's no really mix up in there. I mean Christie can just follow with a low punch after the low kick, so a crouching opponent would avoid the throw (well, you could delay the throw but still). I find better going for the "3P+K" mix up. This is one of the best tool in Christie's hands imo. This would actually force your opponent to guess correctly: mid P, mid K, Guard break, Throw... there's no escape from there. Or also canceling her 4P+K_ guard break into her forward roll for an even more dangerous mix up.
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I changed the description on Youtube so i have to tell it now here, as i made the video i was so excited to try that new stuff in the lab that i forget to put the CPU on Critical Hold that means every attack after the throws are not staggerable but with a very fast reaction holdable so is all from 6P, 4K or 8K semi guaranteed. -_- Yeah i still cant believe that i was so blind. I am sry about that an all Christie Player.
From my experience in the fights nobody was holding my attacks(8K!) after the wall throws after around 50+ Fights with Christie since 1.04. Its a amazing tech and a great buff for her but its only to 95% guaranteed. Sry guys.that would never happened again.
Note: This is not showing on the video - When you land a wall throw on the corner works 66k aswell to make more damage with a BT P+K 6KP ender.

To the 66T: Its just an example usually after them i use 4p+k to get a counter hit with a 6k 3ppp ender on the wall for insane damage otherwise you have +10 GB when your opponent blocked after them.
And then there is the Powerblow and the 66T i wanted to do a video about them but i still forget to do them lol
You hit a Counter Hit Powerblow or you get a guaranteed 6p when the opponent guarded after the powerblow its very brutal.


66k isnt free after 3p+kt in open space. In generally after 3p+kt or Jak44(4)T i am going to use a move from the Jakheiho Jak6p/Jak6p+k/Jak1kk(GB gone -_-) as example 66pp is good or 6pp or trying to catch with 3p+kk a counter hit launcher etc. Christie had so much options in her mix up game its amazing.
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