Combo Breaker 22 & BAM 22 Replays

This Saturday Dead or Alive 6 will be live streamed at Combo Breaker 22 for the duration of Top 4. NetBattles will begin streaming this offline tournament at 4PM EST and we will get 60-90 minutes of stream time. While this is a fairly short day for DOA6 it's encouraging to see the game return to events, and not only that, but to see that people are still interested in playing after such a long hiatus.

There are other recent tournaments that you May have missed this month: Hoodless live streamed his 100th weekly tournament this week, the Italian scene is still competing with their Elimination Round tournament, but the chances are really high that you didn't hear a thing about Australia's BAM 22 tournament that happened several days ago. BAM 22 was not a heavily promoted tournament, but the performance of fighters from this event is what made it so good. Check out the BAM 22 replay on YouTube.

Sadly, nobody talked about this event or knew it was happening and the 130 views it accrued via YouTube over the week speaks volume to that. The viewership can change through proper promotion and that's what we've always aimed to do for DOA fighters here at FSD. The results have shown that our community can have a big impact on Twitch viewership and YouTube video views. If you have an event for DOA coming up, PLEASE bring it to our attention so that we can promote it for you.

The majority of matches at BAM 12 were really good. Shauta Fox vs Berserk sets were absolutely incredible. If you've seen these two perform before you already know how good they are, and they have stepped their game up even further for DOA6. You also get some riveting performances from: Ebabil, Morpher & BorgieMan.

Tomorrow is a big day with the Combo Breaker stream because it's been a while since there has been a proper live stream, and it's recommended we show up to the Twitch stream to watch this so we can show those organizers that there is still sincere interest from fighters that play DOA6 while they wait and hope for a future title. Your viewership, commitment and loyalty mean everything to the continuation of a smaller fighting game like DOA and it always has.

Update: Combo Breaker 22 was won by Hoodless playing as Honoka. We've updated the story with the official YouTube replay. Enjoy!

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If you missed the Combo Breaker tournament you can observe the official YT replay posted in the story. Hoodless won this short but fun event with Honoka.