Comic-Ari Wins Emery Reigns DOA5 Throwdown Tournament

Throwdown Promotional

Emery Reigns is hosting an online Dead or Alive 5: Last Round tournament this weekend and is a continuation of his successful 'Throwdown' tournament series. Since the COVID-19 pandemic and discontinuation of Dead or Alive 6 content & regular updates players have dipped into many different titles from the mixed Dead or Alive 4 to the masterpiece Dead or Alive 5 - it is direct proof that no game is the same in this franchise, but a few things they share include longevity and memorable moments. This tournament is special because DOA5LR is returning from a long hiatus and the passion of this game continues to impress the community as players that have been gone for a number of years are coming back for this two-day event.

This tournament is stacked with Dead or Alive champions including: Kwiggle (and we haven't seen him compete in a long time), Hoodless, Rikuto, Blackberry and Killy. You will also spectate some dangerous players that frequent Top 8 such as: Miyami Legend, ColdPiece AJ, Comic-Ari, MCD, Nunchaku, Tonamii and more! This is a special event with a player cap of 25 players. As of 3.12.2021 at 5am there is only one spot left to fill with free registration, and you will need a wired Playstation 4 to compete and claim this spot.

Veteran DOA player BlackBerry has already begun his smooth return against Offbeat Ninja in a very one-sided first to 10 set. This FT10 was a perfect example of how dangerous this fighter is and most expect a dominating performance from him at this Throwdown. If you haven't spectated these seamless battles please do now at Reigns' YouTube channel.

The DOA5LR 'Throwdown' will begin the player pools at 6pm EST and everyone is welcomed and encouraged to support the community through donations to the prize pot. Please enjoy your weekend and prepare to be entertained by some of the best names DOA5 has to offer. Emery Reign's online tournaments have proven to be of the highest quality so expect a great pool showing & Top 8!

Pool Highlights

Before Throwdown started it was announced that XcaliburBladeZ will not be able to make it to the event giving the chance to 30 other players at a prize pot that has already surpassed 500 USD before the end of the opening match in pools. Please keep in mind that not all of the pool matches will be streamed for this event. You can follow & observe the leaderboard at Emery's Smash.GG.

Pools started with Blackberry against Scarlet Hurricane's Tina. Considering that Berry chose Hayate for this set, you can assume that he's waiting to release his full potential in another match, keeping certain character tech to himself for now. Scarlet tries to build momentum against Blackberry, but it's quickly countered by a crush and typically ended with a complete combo.

Miyama Legend (Nyo-Tengu) and MCD (Jann Lee) had a fantastic set in this classic offense vs defense fight. Legend started off with some outstanding guard breaks, wall game and complete combos. MCD lost the first battle, but he started his download of Legend in the second fight - brilliantly tricking his opponent with an assortment of different crushed and effective lows; successfully taking this set while keeping the same mentality throughout. At this point this tournament has generated a prize pot of over 1,000 USD for an online Dead or Alive 5: Last Round event. After this fight it was announced that dangerous Rig player, Jager would be filling a missing player spot in pools. A huge game changer for all competitors.

Blackberry continues his dominance through pools with an incredible showing with Christie matched up against MCD and Jann Lee. MCD put up a great fight in the last game of the set and bolstered his defense to attempt countering one of the fastest characters in DOA history. This set concluded the Pool 1 stream. The DOA6 world champion Hoodless starts a killing spree with Virtua Fighter guest Jacky in the first streamed match of Pools 2.

Pool 2 also highlights the return of DOA5:LR Legend, Kwiggle, who absolutely dominated with his opening act with Phase 4. Despite not competing for a long time, this bout shows that his veteran has not suffered from any real type of rust, and that he could be the one to win this event. Silver Forte represented Momiji magnificently in his set against Falco's feisty Jacky.

Toonami (Pai) and Memphis Legends (Mila) also fought it out in a great set that will no doubt make you miss the VF guests. Pai & Toonami are both painfully underrated respectively and Toonami absolutely lets Memphis Legends have it with complete reads and mind-games at play throughout the entirety of the set. Toonami's momentum was slowed down by Hoodless in the very next fight. The first game was super close, but when Toonami switched from Pai to Christie the set was quickly won by the champ.

Kwiggle and Hoodless complete Pools 2 in a super uncomfortable set that resulted with Kwiggle as the victor. When you take two players that know how to zone and follow that up with severe pressure you are in for a psychotic & hype match. These legends did not disappoint with this set. They both know how to play Dead or Alive 5 at maximum potential and when you view sets like this it certainly feels like you are watching a blockbuster action movie that won a plethora of Oscars.

Jager comes into the tournament late and hasn't played DOA5 in years, but he fights strongly against Crapo'Zs Zack. Crapo dominantly applies pressure to quickly take the opening Pool 3 set in what many would call a stunning upset given the accolades of Jager. Kasumi Lover & Killy were next to fight - KL put up a good effort with Naotora, but was quickly overwhelmed by Kokoro's mix-up game.

Comic-Ari (Brad) defeated O-Zone (Genfu) in the first last round set of the tournament with both players exchanging fatal tech back and forth. The next set features Killy's fast-paced, side-stepping Sarah against CrapoZ's fully studied Zack. They started off pretty evenly with great foot-work techniques from both fighters, but as they progressed through the set Killy's studious Sarah took a convincing win. Surprisingly, Comic-Ari closed Pools 3 with a convincing victory over Killy with his mind-blowing Brad tech.

There are only a few sets in Pools 4 and the first recorded fight is Rikuto (Bayman) vs. Nunchaku (Jann Lee). Rikuto has problems with Jann Lee's speed in the first match, but he quickly finds his patience and dominates Nunchaku in the final game. Rikuto begins a streak by taking out Deity's Hitomi and Eliot in the final set of Pools 4.

Top 8 Results & Highlights

:rachel: :christie: BlackBerry defeated by Rikuto :bayman:

The opening round of this fight was intense because Rikuto is so good at playing with a low health bar, even if it didn't win him the it kept Blackberry on his toes early on. Both fighters play with tremendous defense, utilize the hold system perfectly, go into last round during the first game with the crushing victory going to Rikuto.

BlackBerry switches right to Christie and begins to apply fatal pressure instantly using the oil rig for explosion damage to complete his combos in round 1. Rikuto kicks up his defense, hold damage and throw game to hastily collect two wins in this match. BlackBerry finds his footing in the fourth round, but Bayman quickly balances the pace with extreme patience and decisive offensive holds. BlackBerry backs out with Christie at low health finds an opportunity to dive - securing the second game.

Rikuto tears into Blackberry's Christie at the skyscraper with hard stuns, insane offense and those beautiful advanced holds. This strategy takes BlackBerry two KOs to compute with his gameplay, and when he begins to slow down you see a turning point for him until he once against puts the match into last round. Bayman quickly goes into kill mode and disarms Christie's P & 9P with a beautiful mixture of OH and advaned holds.

:lisa: Mr. Kwiggle defeated by Comic-Ari :bradwong:

Kwiggles completely dominates the first game in this set, but Ari quickly comes back with pressure and mix-ups of his own. Ari is able to win the second game with great stance changes, game ending lows and zoning tactics. Master Ari completely wins out at 'Temple of the Dragon. It's unfortunate, but also worth mentioning that the game was a 2-3 bar set and Kwiggle agreed to the fight despite this factor. Both players are effected by potential lag after all. After this set Killy quickly defeated Drownin' Man in the loser bracket.

:bayman: Rikuto defeated by Comic-Ari :bradwong:

These two fighters get started at the circus with an even-pace, but Ari quickly overtakes the match methodically poking away at Bayman's health until he is able to secure the first game. Bayman begins to catch on to Ari's tricks during the middle of the second game with great ground game and a more defensive approach. Ari reverses his tactics with better reads & holds to win the third match of the set.

The fourth and final match of this set featured some great hold exchanges, wall tech, great environment awareness from Rikuto and just a lot of hype matches overall. Ari won this set, but you could tell that Rikuto was getting close to finding a solution for this compelling matchup. Afterwards MCD convincingly defeated Deity 2-0 in the loser bracket.

As the loser bracket proceeds Killy defeats Blackberry in a close set with his controlling Sarah. Kwiggle is victorious against MCD in the following set with a vast majority of spectators agreeing it was one of the most hype sets so far. Kwiggle defeats Killy & Rikuto to proceed to the grand final against Ari. Kwiggle fights hard to get the reset against Ari and he eventually gets it using La Mariposa, but it was hard fought to go into the final FT3 with no worries.

Comic Ari begins to dissect his situation with Lisa after the reset with a convincing first win. Kwiggle doesn't allow a second consecutive win and begins his poke & pressure to keep Lisa locked in this set. Master Ari turns things around for the final two fights and wins the last set with a plethora of different strategies, sick critical burst combos and superb reversales to confirm his tournament victory. Winner of DOA5 Throwdown: Comic-Ari

:bradwong: Comic Ari defeats Kwiggle :lisa:
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Tournament is going strong live. The prize pot has exceeded 1,000 USD by the end of pools 1 and it was announced that Jager will be entering the fight due to a missing player! Great event so far! Please enjoy the fast results at Free Step Dodge if you missed anything or just want to know more in general.
Comic Ari let's fucking GO, EURO STRONG €€€
one of the hypest DOA players to watch, the movement man
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