DOA6 WC Comic-Ari Wins EU West Online Tournament

Comic-Ari successfully collected qualifying points for Team NINJA's Dead or Alive 6 World Championship online event; scattering the balance of the current EU standings and defeating some of the top dogs in the community in perplexing Top 8 fights. If you missed out on the action, you can catch up by observing the replay on Twitch complementary of Team NINJA. They are posting lots of past DOA6WC tournaments on their official YouTube so if you have been busy it's time to conveniently catch up and refresh!

There are plenty of online events left and you can register for online tournaments as late as the day of the event and you are encouraged to check your region via Team NINJA's official website for the schedule plus registration at Smash.GG. Level-Up has created a PDF guide that will brief people on everything pertaining to these online DOAWC events.

Team NINJA really seems to be trying with these online tournaments because they do go out their way to give an orientation to players an hour before they begin their matches. The day between pools and top 8 will offer time for Team NINJA to inspect the matches in pools, ensuring that no foul play has earned a cheat Top 8 status.

Despite all the trouble Team NINJA is going through with this free event the EU West tournament only attracted 26 players, and most of them are regulars that we see at EU offline tournaments like Gehaktbal and Ky Dragon. If you are keeping up with the standings you know that this was a huge draw for both mentioned players as they are their current region leaders.

Note: Unless I am blown away by the event network performance, I do not intend to write a full detailed report for any of the online tournaments and will save my time and energy for offline performances. But in the spirit of competition the online events will be acknowledged and promoted. You can also watch the opening breakdown of the online tournament at the official DOA channel video archive.
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