Congratulations to Flack for Winning KGP 2023

KGP 2023 hosted the largest Dead or Alive tournament of the year in terms of numbers with 64 players showing up to participate. The Three-Part YESU Cup was won by Flack who has been a prominent & dedicated fighter in the Japanese offline scene for years with a disturbingly deadly Bass at his disposal. Bass Armstrong has been the winner of many Dead or Alive 6 events since the release of the game, and it's getting harder and harder to hear out the people that say "he's such a mid-character." Bass is dominating matches regularly and confusing his opponents whilst baiting them to hold. You don't need a 9-frame jab to win at DOA more than an overall understanding of the rules and the ability to play solid mind games.

For players that have been demanding more DOA action or questioning if it's still around, the Japanese players have been carrying Dead or Alive 6 on their backs in terms of offline tournaments for over the past year whether it be at MiKADO or by tournament organizers YESU; there has been a push and incentive to play as proven by EVO Japan & KGP 2023 numbers alone. The video posted above is indeed a Twitch replay that will be deleted within two-weeks and replaced here at FSD with the official YouTube replay ASAP. This pools video is stuffed with hours of fighting entertainment, and we hope you enjoy the matchups and fights presented.

Top 3 featured some hot, skull-cracking action between Keisuke (Hayabusa), Line Backer (Mai) & Flack (Bass). Line Backer's improved techniques with Mai have really impressed spectators and his ability to completely destroy an opponent's WUK game is a stunning attraction to see. I've never seen a player make so many connections with Mai's flying knee and it's clearly Line Backer's number one interruption source. Keisuke is dangerous with his Hayabusa character selection alone, and he's very talented with his decision making and hold ability. Once he starts building up his momentum his opponent may not come back from the offense that ensues and that's why people have feared this fighter since the start of DOA6.

Congratulations to Flack for being able to tame these insanely powerful ninjas with out of this world professional wrestling. It's always a delight to watch Flack perform and I'm glad that Bass picked up the win especially since the community will always see it as a breath of fresh air for a heavyweight to catch a big tournament victory.

For more tournament action please check out the following online tournaments: YESU Online Cup & MasterNINJARyu's yearly Italian Tournament. To clear things up, YESU's first part of their big DOA tournament was at EVO Japan, part 2 was the YESU online cup tournament and KGP 2023 concluded this particular YESU series.

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