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can we rename this into "costume mods" - and use it for all costume mods ? I'm not sure making a distinction between different kind of costumes is worthwile. Also given that there is a large non-english part of the community the problem of the language barrier pops up rather often - and i'm not sure if "virtual cosplay" will be that easily understood. (everybody understands "costume mods" :p )

or maybe name the thread "costume mods - releases" or "costume mods - showcase"
to make it clear this is about showing off your work (pictures/download/...) - so we can keep the discussion about editing/modeling out of here


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Sometimes going as simple as possible is best option

To my mind : "Dead Or Alive Mods" or "DOA Custom Arts" would be perfect

Moreover cause there are custom costumes / stages / songs / voices / hairs / faces / poses mods

What do you think ?

We can even make something funny like
Deadly Online Arts
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Honestly, I get the idea of wanting to tidy up the place. But separating everything into minimal categories like this is just going to get more messy.

I do like the idea of separating mods for a cleaner experience though. As mentioned above, maybe having:

1. Mesh Mods
2. Hair, Faces & Poses (Perhaps combine this one with #1, depending on what other users think?)
3. Stages
4. Voices & Songs
5. Oldschool Texture Modding (uMod)
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How about:

- a general modding thread where everyone talks/asks about anything related to modding.

- a thread for all mods where modders share their work.

If you want it more specific, maybe 2 threads one for imported characters mods, and one for ingame costumes mods.
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For anyone who is upset about the lock of the old thread I'll quote this post from Mr Wah, owner of the FSD site

"If possible guys, try to use external sources for your mod photos. I've been getting warnings that the site's bandwidth limit for the past two months is in danger of being exceeded. When making this modding board I was considering removing the attachment upload ability but opt'd not to due to sharing mod files and such. Just be aware that there is a limit to what the site can handle and I don't want to have to go through the database looking for and deleting heavy load attachments."

We modders have killed our old own thread simply by upload too much photos and modding files directly into this FSD site server.Modder like Huchi could upload a ton of high res images on a single post,thus put a lot of tax on the bandwidth of the site.
Next time if you guys want the thread to live longer,please upload images and files to another site.
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