Dead or Alive 3 Tournament Returns to Brooklyn

Don't forget to tune in to this growing Dead or Alive 3 ++ tournament scene presented by Brooklyn Video Games! Matt Ponton is the featured player, and he's always willing to give advice and share wisdom with other fighters that show up! The entry for DOA3++ is free with a guaranteed prize pot of 150 USD. To those spectating, please enjoy this one-of-a-kind, old-school experience! This is said all the time, but how can you not appreciate the graphics and animation of this game despite being over two decades old?

Noteworthy Achievements at this Dead or Alive 3 Tournament:

- Cyg gets a match victory over Matt Ponton which could be the first time this has happened all year across all Dead or Alive 3 events.
- All players are improving since last Brooklyn performance.
- Matt Ponton has won his 4th consecutive Dead or Alive 3 tournament.
- Brooklyn Arcade viewership was up since their first Dead or Alive 3 tournament!

(Full Tournament & Casuals Now Available)​
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