Dead or Alive 6 EVO Japan 2023 Tournament Results

Thanks to tournament organizers around the world the expansion of side tournaments at huge blockbuster events have normalized to a point where the only reason that some of these games aren't main games is due to the fact that there are so many games with thriving communities that want to compete at a showcase level. Not because a game is hated or unwanted at events. Dead or Alive 6 is one of these games, and the DOA6 side tournament is at full capacity this week (64/64 players) with a waiting list of dedicated players.

EVO Japan 2023 Pre-Fight Promotional

The Yamagata Esports Union (YouTube channel posted above) will be streaming this loaded single-elimination tournament Friday at 6PM PT depending on your Time Zone. The organizers have done a wonderful job at promoting the event and this experience should be an eye opener to a few players that believe DOA6 is finished. This substantial tournament is also providing fighters from around the world a huge opportunity to scope out some of the best talent in Japan.

Take a look at the tournament participant outline by the tournament organizer to see if any of your favorites are showing up. Among some of the big names include Dora DOA, Keisuke, Kurogane and Flack. Not all current players may be included on this outline and if a player dropped out the position will be filled by the waiting list.

Hopefully everyone enjoys this global attraction and that there will also be a convenient replay for people who can't spectate the tournament live. We'll keep all information leading up to the tournament updated via this news post until a potential write-up is released concluding the event coverage. North American players searching for tournament action can look forward to BigEGaming's NEC 2023 which we will have more updates for you on in the near future.

Global Stream Mirrors

English: Hoodless | Perfect Legend Spanish: NutriaFGC Latin America: AF_GDL Italy: Master NINJA Ryu China: Yinghua

Highlights from Pools

With a loaded card, it might be a good idea to also use the official Tonamel Bracket as a companion piece to your viewing of the Dead or Alive 6 EVO Japan 2023 Tournament. From my understanding of the bracket there are three rounds of pools and right after those results have been compiled round four will be considered Top 8. Semi-Finals will follow up Top 8 and then the show will wrap up with a Third-Place Playoff and Grand Finals.

From the start of the first two tournament sets we see a lot of character diversity in player selections. The tournament opened up with a great heavyweight vs lightweight matchup: Bayman and Phase 4 absolutely brutalizing one another until Bayman choked out the poor clone for good. The second on stream fight was Iwasio playing a defensive game with Tamaki defeating Inami's Honoka decisively, and with the single-elimination rules in place you could say that the button check was longer than the actual match. These players are focused and have a lot of drive to win this big tournament for our community.

Two Kasumi's were up next and Takuya was completely on the offensive and obliterated Volvshutein's Kasumi for the first game of the set. Volvshutein came back in game two with mind-games and better strategies, but was ultimately overwhelmed by Takuya's offense after he cancelled out his opponent's psychological upper-hand.

Mosgreen (Diego) and AKA (Lisa) at this point in Round 1 was perhaps the most exciting set. They ripped each other apart at 'Chinese Festival' and they were both in-tune with the crowd interaction and the explosive firecracker environments. They made use of everything the environments offered throughout this entire set, but it was AKA's patience and scouting that led Lisa to victory over Mosgreen's insanely powerful Diego.

Takuo selected Eliot to fight MS and his well-rounded Kasumi for the entirety of this set. Both of these players had no real flaws fighting each other it was simply a matter of who was going to catch who in a crush and this process was extremely back and forth. They both had great fundamentals, BNBs, and air throw combinations even if Takuo escaped narrowly with the set pools victory.

Urusisu (Christie) vs Konpio (Lisa) was a complete squash match in Konpio's favor. Urusisu knew the fundamentals of Christie, but Konpio has Lisa's move set and mind games completely mastered.

AKA was ready once more to wrestle her opponent with Lisa and they did so against Takuo's stellar decision making with Eliot. Two of the three matches were in wrestling rings so Lisa was automatically at an advantage and the one fight they didn't have in the ring the Eliot player did indeed win decisively. This important set in the tournament was living proof that just a pinch of advantage with environment can mean a pivotal victory for the one in charge of it.

Top 8 Highlights

:hayate: Musen vs Flack :bass:

Musen Hayate started things off at 'MUSCLE' outwitting Bass with his uncanny speed in the first round, but what Musen didn't know was that Flack was reading and downloading his movements the entire time. Flack quickly came back with extreme wall damage setups and offensive hold resets that kept Musen at bay. Flack stayed on Hayate with heavy offense and picked up the first game.

The second and final game of this set was at the long and narrow laboratory with low ceilings and long window-breaking cliff-drops. Flack observed early on that Musen was trying a zoning strategy with the lab's larger amount of space so Flack waited for the perfect opportunity to strike and was successful at bringing Musen to the wall where he could freely attack. Bass rinse and repeated his strategy from the first match to get the second win and held (expertly) a bit more often when Hayate got risky.

:tamaki: Iwasio vs AKA :La Mariposa:

Iwasio really put up a great fight against Lisa at the DOATEC arena and it felt like a slow, defensive set with both players utilizing everything in their toolkits AKA made it challenging for the Tamaki player to adapt, and was able to outsmart Iwasio with complicated startups and mix-ups throughout. Lisa won the first game by being more patient than Tamaki and successful scouted holds and offensive hold setups.

The beginning of the second and 'Chinese Festival' match showcased that Iwasio knew his way with the environment as well and wasn't afraid of the firecrackers, but did his best to avoid them initially seeing as how AKA is the most dangerous environment player at this tournament. This was a back and forth game where both players put on a spectacle for the spectators and entertained us all with the beautiful animations and movement these characters have. AKA closed this set with sincere patience and respect for his opponent.

:kasumi: Takuya vs Dora DOA :rig:

Dora DOA has one of the most defensive Rig's in the community. He doesn't rabidly attack the opponent unless he's guaranteed something in return. This mindset is way different from the style of Hoodless and Jager who will close in on you immediately for the KO. Takuya is a great Kasumi player and knows when to take risks and has a great holding ability, but the damage and zoning techniques from Dora DOA have been fine tuned over the years and Dora largely dominates this set because of that factor.

:marierose: :rig: Kiyoemon vs Keisuke :hayabusa:

Keisuke became a big name within the community because of his regular appearances at qualifiers for the Dead or Alive 6 World Championship. Kiyoemon knew he had a task ahead because of this and he tried hard with his main Marie Rose to start things off, but outside of a few flashy combos that amounted to little damage; he was completely dominated by Keisuke's seasoned Hayabusa. Kiyoemon made the first character change on stream by selecting Rig, but it did not help his efforts as Keisuke defeated him just as quickly as Marie Rose.

:bass: Flack vs AKA :La Mariposa:

From everything we've seen up to this point you would think this would have been the closest set of the night, but this was not the case! Flack's Bass came in from the start and destroyed AKA at the wrestling ring and was applying that classic DOA6 Bass pressure. He didn't allow her to use the ropes and countered and air grabbed his way to victory. The more open jungle was the second location and Bass reigned supreme here as well cementing himself into Grand Finals.

:rig: Dora DOA vs Keisuke :hayabusa:

Dora started things off impressively at the 'Chinese Festival' stage with plenty of jabs to mix-ups, great throws, great countering and environment awareness, but Keisuke's spacing, zoning and reads eventually caught up with all of that. When Keisuke found the opportunity he took it, went with it and completely messed up Dora in these fights. The first outing was close and the second outing at the circular lab arena was complete domination.

:La Mariposa: AKA vs Dora DOA :rig:

These two had a great set and throughout it there were a lot of defensive plays with expert blocking applied by both characters. They poked and jabbed at each other in these close nail-biting fights and you can tell both players fought their hardest for the third place title even though they knew ahead of time third was as high as they could attain. This one of the best matches in Top 8 that didn't end in a dominant fashion and the back and forth pace of it made the landscape exciting for the grand final.

AKA was able to secure third place with his excellent La Mariposa, but it wasn't earned without a proper fight against Dora's Rig.

Grand Finals

:bass: Flack vs Keisuke :hayabusa:

Keisuke fought hard against Flack's Bass with his traditional Hayabusa tactics, but ultimately it was like the big bad wolf trying to blow down the brick house. Flack's Bass took a beating to the face and Keisuke gave everything he had with mix-ups, meter management, pokes and jabs, but it's almost like Flack didn't feel the pain and kept fighting onwards.

It got to a point where this battle was almost reminiscent to the beating Matt Ponton gave Hurricane in the DOA3++ tournament earlier this month at Winter Brawl: 3D. Bass tossed the powerful ninja man around like a rag doll, with Flack keeping his damage consistent whenever they were close to a wall. At the end of the day there were enough diving power-bombs for Hayabusa to rethink the Izuna Drop and Flack was given a wonderful worldwide showcase to display his dominance within the Japanese offline scene. Tournament Winner: Flack
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As you can tell by looking at the previous news story for EVO Japan there have been mirror streams confirmed. Perfect Legend, Hoodless are confirmed for US. Nutriafgc is confirmed for Spanish.

I set the organizers up and recommended Koei Tecmo with Master NINJA Ryu to man the Italian reference point and they have heard. Koei Tecmo's involvement in this has been seen by everyone I've worked with as a kind gesture of goodwill, and they will be observing the tournament.