Dead or Alive Tournament Winter 2023 Schedule

Dead or Alive has shown some sparks of life lately, and it will be making a comeback to the offline scene to kick off a promising 2023. Outside of our regular Hoodless Weekly in North America and MIKADO Channel 4 Tournaments in Japan we haven't seen a lot of activity for our mainstay fighting series, but this looks to change next month with two huge offline tournaments for Dead or Alive 6 and appearances from classics such as Dead or Alive 2: Ultimate and Dead or Alive 3 ++ to keep you thoroughly entertained.

The biggest reveal is from Big E Gaming who announced the return of Dead or Alive 6 at Winter Brawl. Dead or Alive 6 is being featured at Winter Brawl as a main game (at this point in time) and the tournament will take place at Double Tree hotel in Cherry Hill, NJ March 18th. We will announce further details as they come to us including Registration Link, Event Time & Tournament Pools. Another big announcement is that Dead or Alive 5: Last Round & Dead or Alive 3 ++ will also be featured at Winter Brawl.

Registration for Winter Brawl: Dead or Alive 6, Dead or Alive 5: Last Round and Dead or Alive 3++ will begin this Monday (January 23rd).

Frosty Faustings XV will also be featuring Dead or Alive 6 this February on the 3rd and 4th. You can still register for this event now if you haven't already. Here at Free Step Dodge we have a previous post with the official details and will be sure to run another news post for this event a few days prior to the fights. We will also plan to give the community a live-writeup and will take an Indepth look at the gameplay from the fighters showcasing their skill and provide the community with a complete educative source.

There is also a Dead or Alive 2: Ultimate 'New Blood' Tournament that streamed at GVN. This tournament didn't run without hitches, but seeing as how it is the first tournament to take place in over a decade on XBOX hardware (thanks to the Insignia client) it is a pretty special moment to the people that have followed and played the game for this many years. Matt Ponton was likely a big reason to make the call for a 'New Blood' tournament as he would completely eviscerate anyone to stand up to him. After the tournament Matt Ponton destroyed Event Hubbs in a FT20 blood bath.

So, as you can see from the schedule, things are looking pretty good for Dead or Alive offline players this Winter with tournaments to look forward to. Let's make sure to register for these events and to participate in any other way that we can if it's not competitive. We appreciate the Dead or Alive community to the fullest and couldn't do what we do without the great player support and zeal they possess for this incredible franchise.
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Tournament date has been changed to March 18th, registration now starts on Monday and Dead or Alive 5: Last Round has been added to the main lineup!

This gives people reasonable time to register and gives people more options with DOA5 being added to the list!