Dead or Alive: Ultimate Online will be Revived for the original XBOX

The original Dead or Alive: Ultimate is returning to XBOX LIVE on your original XBOX console through the free Insignia service releasing November 15th of 2022. This service will host 20 original XBOX games online at launch including mega hits such as Conker Live & Reloaded & Crimson Skies. The Insignia service is currently invitation only and you can register your email for a chance to join. We received our invitation within two days of requesting.

Insignia will always be free, and as long as your system has the current update and you are given an invitation from Insignia, it should be very easy to set yourself up to play DOAU again online on your original XBOX. Your ranking and leaderboard scores will be refreshed so the reboot of both games online can be seen as a clean slate and an equal playing field for the community.

If your XBOX system is modded you will be able to use Insignia, and there are convenient instructions for this in the connect section of their website. With the games section of their website, you can see if there are any open sessions for DOAU before you even turn on your system and get started. Once again you will be able to play both Dead or Alive 1: Ultimate & Dead or Alive 2: Ultimate online.

So, is modding your XBOX original system necessary to enjoy Insignia? Matt Ponton responds:

You don't need to mod for insignia, however, at the moment, you do have to run a setup executable on your XBOX which if your system isn't modded then the only way to do that is to launch the setup as if you were trying to soft mod the XBOX.

When I asked him about a possible PC version, Ponton responded:

The problem at the moment is that XEMU and CXBX-R emulators on PC don't run the games at 60 FPS so you'll get slow-down in frame rate to the lowest frame-rated person. For XEMU, any water effects effectively knock the game down to at best 5 FPS.

Insignia also opens up DOAU to online tournaments and special events. Zakkurye for instance does not have an original XBOX but is open to the idea of hosting tournaments for other fighters. If Insignia launches without a hitch FSD is willing to host tournaments with prize pots people can get excited about and we do plan to support this platform and hope others can get engaged with it.

Even if you no longer have an original XBOX, there is no doubting that this Insignia is a promising free service that will launch on November 15th, 2022. 20 years after the original XBOX Live service launched. We hope that you sign up and enjoy it, because we see the potential in the Insignia service to once again have classic DOA matches from afar.

We will provide a deeper connection FAQ upon release & testing and help anyone setup their system for the big change that needs it.
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