Destruction Bomb Shares Incredible DOA5:LR Akira Tech

Destruction Bomb is one of the better-known Virtua Fighter players in the DOA community and while his hiatus has not come without heartbreak it never meant he didn't have a project on ice waiting for the right opportunity to thaw. This time the 3D fighting veteran has come through with some insane Akira 2P setups when performed with water or on ice, expert wall shifts and maximized combo damage. Of course, the environment plays a vital factor in all Dead or Alive fights not taking place on Tatami; so, we at FSD strongly recommend you give this tech video a look.

While Destruction Bomb is typically in it for the laughs and the memes, his tech is where you see his inner Darth Vader as with practicing Akira will result in the student becoming a complete dominant force that only the dark side can be strong enough to wield. There is no questioning that Akira is one of the top characters in DOA5, but you will not get anywhere with no practice in place and this character requires a lot of it. You could open a weekly study and only be scratching the surface of what Akira has to offer.

Destruction Bomb also had a few words to share as mentioned on his social media pages:

Hope everyone is having a good one! I finally managed to finish this. It was in my backlog of files that I never got to finish due to real life stuff and playing other games. Cheers to everyone that supported this channel over the years. Hopefully I make more content consistently in the future.
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