DOA 4 Jann Lee’s cpu only taunt


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Has anyone found out how to perform this move in DOA4?

The CPU is programmed to do a faster version of Jann Lee’s Dragon Cannon along with the taunt that Jann Lee can’t do in this game. It’s called the Shout Taunt.

It’s a taunt from previous DOA games and current. This particular game and DOA 3 opted out for his Dragon Pressure taunt over this one.

Usually in the current DOA games you can do this move by hitting the taunt trigger.

In DOA 4 the CPU launches the USER player and while USER is mid air the CPU performs the YYYY combo but the last punch hits faster in a glitch frame which can trigger the taunt or not.

Sometimes the CPU will only perform the YYYY combo with the glitch punch with no taunt.

The CPU is programmed to perform this taunt in DOA 2 Ultimate after performing YYY>Y Combo with no glitch punch.

Except the USER could perform the taunt in DOA 2 Ultimate so it wasn’t exclusive to the CPU.

So maybe it’s the same with this CPU he was programmed to perform it automatically after the combo.

Someone please explain or make it possible to perform this simple move.

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Yea, this notorious move....

Legend tells of some players pulling it off by accident somehow, or glitching the game out. In all likelihood it may well have been FSDC but without the taunt. That said, there have been times throughout DOA history where moves are left in the game but are only accessible by the CPU. For a while, the CPU in DOA 5 could actually do high wakeup kicks. Was kinda funny.

Anyway, unless the game glitches out somehow you aren't really going to be pulling this move off.