DOA Player 1st to Solo Flawless Team NINJA's Gilgamesh

Master NINJA Ryu is an Italian DOA player that organizes DOA tournaments and also specializes in other Team NINJA games such as the NINJA Gaiden franchise and Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin; Team NINJA's epic take on the classic Final Fantasy title. When Master NINJA Ryu plays a Team NINJA game, he takes aim at it and gives the game his full attention as proven with his recent achievement: being the first to defeat Team NINJA's take on Final Fantasy super boss - Gilgamesh without taking any damage at all.

This Final Fantasy title has the magic of Square and the gameplay polish of Team NINJA. DOA purists such as Destruction Bomb have gone as far to say that there are some DOA gameplay incorporations to Origin, and it shows that Team NINJA will always have a signature approach to their games.

Gameplay footage is from the second DLC in the Season Pass titled Wanderer of the Drift. There is only one big DLC left for the season pass before Team NINJA's Stranger of Paradise is completed. Origin is still full priced, and the season pass is 25 USD. We will keep you connected with any Team NINJA sales happening this month for Black Friday, so stay posted at Free Step Dodge!

IF you have accomplished something huge in the Team NINJA universe of games like Master NINJA Ryu has, please share your success with us so we can showcase your talent on our growing home page here at FSD!
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