DOA6 Hayate tech: (Beta Build, things may change upon release)


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Hey guys, EmeryReigns here, some of you may know me as Rojikku previously. Here are my notes that I gathered during the beta while using Hayate:hayate:

A few things that I do want to point out:

236t is going to be DANGEROUS. Because Hayate can feint into launcher out of 6p, this is going to be a MUST HOLD situation. Because Hayate can launch with the feint kick, they must hold it. You can mix this up with Break blow, fatal rush, and much more!

Since there is no stagger escape in this game, using p+k instead of 8p as Hayate's launch is going to be the go-to. This is because you get a slide-away launch which can be followed up with a bnb combo, fatal rush or a breakblow. 8p keeps Hayate back turned, and as a result, he does not get the ability to use fatal rush or break blow. Also, the bnb combo out of p+k does more damage than the bnb combo from stun > 8p.
This thread will be updated once the game releases.

DOA6 Hayate tech:

Raijin throw:

Light weights Open: 6k > 9kkkk/ or 9kkk > Break blow... or BB cancel into throw or launcher. (Just an idea, may be more possible)
Light weights wall: 3p4kk > 9kkkk/ or 9kkk > Break Blow... or BB cancel into throw or launcher.

Mid Weights open: 6k > 9kkkk/ or 9kkk > Break blow... or BB cancel into throw or launcher. (Just an idea, may be more possible)
Mid Weight wall: 3p4kk > 9kkkk/ or 9kkk > Break Blow... or BB cancel into throw or launcher.

Launches into BnB combos:

Stun > 8k 3p4k6p+k6k or 9kkkk.. or 9kkk > Break Blow cancel or finish.
Stun > 6k > 3p4k6p+k6k
Stun > p+k > (3)pp4k6k or Break Blow
Stun > Fatal Rush > Grab/Launch (Note: 1 or more attack from Fatal rush causes a fatal stun so opponent can ONLY get out with break hold.
Stun > Launch > Fatal Rush into Break Blow finish or cancel. (Only if you have meter)

236T mixups:

- 6p4k6p+k6k
- 6p4 > Throw to bait the hold/break hold
- 6p4 > Break Blow for frame Adv. or to hit.
- 6p (Delay P) for gut stun.
- (Back to wall) 6pk Break blow/ or cancel into combo.

Wall combos:

Light weights:3p4k6p+k6k or pp6pk
Mid weights: (3)pp4k6k or pp6pk

Restand Wall Splat or after wall splat - Grab/launch immediately, or 66p to restand into grab or launch again

After Fatal Stun: 8p+kp into a throw, or launcher.

Other strings/normals to use:

1pp (Natural combo on Counter hit)
Wind Dash p (+7 or more from range on block)
4pP+k (+3 on block or more from range)
66p+k (+3 on block or more from range)
214k (+2 on block or more from range)
Feint ender (Can change directions by hitting 6,8,2 or 4) (3)pp/6p/66p/3p are are all feint options
236k +1 or more from range
9kkkk (Can also do 4k to end to change directions)
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About time FSD gets the good bits.

Oh yo @EmeryReigns there will be people who don't know number notations so you have access to the button emojis on the smiley tab, so when you get a chance for edit eventually, you can get both sides. That way, people who do know will get it, and people that don't know number notations will get the hint via the button commands. Overall nice.
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So I'd been kind of frustrated with Hayate's teleport kick, and finally realized the side you teleport to changes depending on whether Hayate's front or back is facing the camera. Anyone else bothered by this? Seems weird they'd give him a tool to more freely move his opponent around in the stage, but then make it this annoying to use.
Did Leon have this same problem in 5 with his directional air throw?
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