First DOA2U XBOX LIVE Online Fights in Almost 13 Years

The Insignia client for the original XBOX released today, and because of this, Matt Ponton was able to stream the first Dead or Alive 2: Ultimate online matches to happen on the original XBOX LIVE in almost thirteen years. Ponton selected Jann Lee to fight Echo's Ayane in a yellow bar online match, and surprisingly, this faceoff seemed smooth for a yellow bar quality bout.

Please stay tuned for more quality streaming from Matt Ponton. Give him a follow at Twitch as he is streaming the game at its highest possible quality and he's also very polite and helpful for players trying to setup their consoles to the service. Remember you must first get an invite by signing up at Insignia's site. There are further instructions at their official website to help you on your quest back to this incredible Team NINJA experience.

Ponton plans on streaming more later today and/or in the future. There is also a possibility to play Dead or Alive 1: Ultimate. Thank you for checking out Free Step Dodge and please enjoy the great content on Ponton's Twitch. So far Matt Ponton is 47-0. Good luck if you run into him this week!
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