Forum Rules and Regulations

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Forum Rules and Regulations

1. Posts are to be made in the relevant forum. Users are asked to read the forum descriptions before posting. Users consistently posting to the wrong forum may be temporary banned.

2. Members should post in a way that is respectful of other users. Abusing users in any way or post messages implying discrimination of gender, race, nationality, religion, etc. will not be tolerated and will lead to a ban without warning.

3. Members are asked not to act as "back seat moderators". If members note an issue which contravenes something in the rule, they are to bring it to the attention of the Admin. Do not respond to such topics yourself.

4. Members should remember that this board is aimed at a general audience. Posting pornographic (including Anime hentai) or generally offensive text, images, links, etc. will not be tolerated and will be banned without warning.

5. Members should post in a way which is consistent with "normal writing". That is users should not post excessive numbers of emoticons, large, small or colored text, etc. Similarly users should not use ALL CAPS or excessive punctuation (e.g. ! and ?) in topic titles or posts. Users consistently abusing this will be banned.

6. Members should use an appropriate, descriptive title when posting a new topic. Examples of bad titles include; "Need help!", "How?", etc. Examples of better titles include; "Need help to unlock Kasumi's cos.6", "How to execute Kasumi's running throw?", etc.

7. Spam is not tolerated here under any circumstances. No spam-encourage topics such as "Circle of Spam", "One Word Game" or similar "game" topics should be created. Users posting spam or post for the sake of increasing post counts will be banned and their posts removed. See "The Definition of SPAM" topic for clarification of what is spam.

8. Members are asked not to treat the forum as a chat room by replying to each other consecutively one post after another. Use ICQ, AIM or Yahoo Messenger instead. This is considered a form of spam and users may be banned.

9. Bumping a topic is only permitted after six hours have elapsed since the last post to that topic. Users who abuse this may be temporary banned.

10. The Admin reserves the right to move, edit, lock or delete any post at any point of time without explanation. The determination of what is construed as indecent, vulgar, spam, etc. as noted in the rule, is up to the Admin and not the users.

11. The above Forum Rules where applicable also apply to Private Messaging (PM). Abuse of the private messaging system will lead to the offending users losing the ability to send private messages.

12. Avatars
a) Users are permitted to utilise an avatar from the avatar gallery or upload an image of their own to the forum. User defined avatars are to be no larger than 75 x 75 pixels , contain no image which attempts to portray the user as having an official status here (e.g. mimicking ranks or copying avatars of team members).

b) Avatars are subject to the same conditions as posts with respect decency, copyright and so forth. The Admin also reserves the right to remove any avatar without prior notice. The determination of what is construed as indecent, obscene, etc. as noted in the rule, is up to the Admin and not the users.

c) Users abusing these rules will lose their privileges to display avatars.

These rules may change at the discretion of the Administrators.
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