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This thread is for questions about the Media part of FSD, and to inform you on how to use it and how to navigate through it. Anyone registered to FreeStepDodge can upload videos to the Media Library.

By clicking on the Media tab at the top left of your screen on the FSD navigation bar, will bring up the Media Library. The Media Library displays all the recent videos that have been uploaded to FSD, and scrolling down under the recent media you will see the Popular Media. Then under that you will see the submit media area.

Submit Media
To submit media into the FSD Media Library is fairly easy. You take the URL of a video (copy) and paste it in the Media URL box, then click Retrieve Information. Once the video information is retrieved, you will be directed to another screen, which will allow you to edit the text and category information of the video, for customization on FSD.

If the video you are uploading is directly from youtube , the description, time duration, and tags will port over to FSD, so there will be no need to retype that information. If the video is from another source and or doesn't have that information apart of the video you are uploading to the Media Library, then you will need to input all that information to compeletly upload the video.

Media Categories
This section will be to left of the Media Library under your avatar and name. Clicking on any of the links in this section will bring up all the videos from the Media Library dealing with the spefic category you clicked on.

Search Media
With the Search Media bar you can pin-ponint individual videos. This function is just the same as any other search bar that you use on the internet. If the Media Library has the video it will bring it up, if it doesn't it won't bring it up.

KeyWord Cloud
This function has floating words and names in it. Navigating with this may be a little hard, as it is sensitive to how your mouse is placed inside it. Holding your mouse to one of the outside corners will make the text in the cloud move fast. Holding your mouse in the middle of the cloud will make the words move slowly. Once you learn how to work the cloud it is very useful, just like the other searching methods. Just click on the word or name you want and all the videos related to it will come up.

*Tip: The words and names in the KeyWord Cloud are the keywords/tags on the videos that are uploaded to the Media Library.

Commenting, Ratings, & Views
The comments, ratings, and views on the videos on FSD are inclusive to FSD members. They will not show up on the source of the video if it was uploaded from another site.

If you have any questions regarding the Media Section please feel free to ask here.

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