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Matt Ponton

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Most of it was "Behind the scenes" updates. Nothing much that would affect the front end user experience.

For more information, their changelist is located here: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/xenforo-1-0-3.17652/

Basically they added Google +1 Liking support, but has some bandwidth costs at this time so I'm adverse to turning it on unless there is heavy demand from people here. In addition, they did some style template changes as well so there may be new or fixed issues from the previous version update. Who knows? That's half of the fun.

Allan Paris

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Oh, thanks for the thread link, yeah I see all of the behind the scene changes, a lot of stuff. Good to know people are working to make their product better.

Google+ is fully operational now, I thought it was still being worked on. I have to see what's that about too. I hear it's going to be something great.
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