DOA6 FSD Presents 'Seagull Stress Test' Online Tournament Live

Because of the pandemic fighting game communities have been resorting to online competition while we wait for our respective areas to open up again. Thanks to the efforts of @VigilantSeaGull & FSD you can spectate Dead or Alive 6 competition now at the official FSD Twitch channel. You can contribute to the growing prize pot via Matcherino. Commentary is provided by the hype machine, Megaphone Franke & veteran player, Seres Borne.

This 'stress test' is a first attempt at delivering competitive 'Stay at Home' online tournaments for Dead or Alive 6. While there have been some technical issues, the overall layout & presentation of this event has been great. The commentary is engaging, matches are fun to watch and Free Step Dodge's Twitch channel continues to evolve with a better look catered to players of Dead or Alive. This FREE entry tournament is capped at a 16 player limit for this online debut and it packs a generous prize pot from the community currently set at 420 USD.

Dead or Alive photography for this story is provided by expert video game photographer - Kasumi Lover. Follow his work at his official Twitter page.
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