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It's been awhile since I've been in a thread for DOA focusing on a casual aspect of the game. Obviously TN has been reaching out to us on costumes already so that being considered, I decided that instead of dropping more traffic into the main costume thread, I decided to make one for Hayate specifically.

So there's a few ideas I've been considering but haven't exactly drawn out myself.

My first and easiest/simplest idea would be to recolor Ryu's 4th costume (the original Ninja Gaiden Doppelganher Fiend one).

Essentially, I'd like to see black and blue instead of black and red. This is because black on the majority of the costume fits it well. Of course, the problem is that there has already been a second color scheme for the costume. In Ninja Gaiden, there was a chance you could face off against a Blue and Silver version of the doppelganger fiend. That being said, with the new bodysuit given to Hayate (which is predominantly blue with silver and some black on it), that version would best fit over my black and blue Idea as far as consistency goes.

Tell me your thoughts.

My second idea is a bit more complicated but I think it'd work for him. I believe that a hooded sleeveless cloak would fit him well. The color schemes could be white and blue like his original costume, black and gold like his sister's color swap of her non-puffy outfit, and then a red and gold. These don't have to be separate costumes but if they are that'd be ok with me.

Other than that, I'm open to other suggestions but those are the two I'd like to see.

What about you guys?
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