DOA5LR Here are some Hayate's one-guess strategies I'd like to share~


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Since Hayate's moves are so easy to read, it's not wise to do too many mix-ups after the first stun,especially against those hold-advanced characters like Bayman,Leifang,Rachel,Ein,Leon,Bass,etc.
These are what I use,
After 66P/CH 6P/CH 3K/CH 1K/3HK to get the first stun,do
1. HK
2. 3PP
3. 33K/9K/8K

This high kick move will give you a back turned stun,if the opponent cannot slow escape very fast ,3K 7P 3K will be guaranteed,and the final hit is also very easy to get.

Two mid punch combo,it is a bit difficult to hold the second punch once your opponent guess wrong about the first hit.I only ever got my second punch held by sone very experienced opponents.
This move provides a sit-down stun and 33K is guaranteed,following this you can use 8P,PP6PK or 8P,PPP,33KK or 66KKK

Some mid kicks that launch the opponent,Hayate has descent juggle damage so this is not bad.
Not that good like Jann Lee's HK,though.(XD).
Something to mention,the faster the move is ,the faster the opponent need to hold,and this makes your throw hits easier.So 33K is the best maybe.

Hayate's big throw,which gives you at least 105 damage on Hi.

Stuff above make a one-guess 4-options situation for Hayate.

By the way,Hayate is not very good at getting a stun when the opponent guards like a tortoise.besides his throw damage is not that good ,
So I choose 236T,Kagero to open their defense.This move gives +9 and the opponent is back turned,which makes moves below 13 frames is guaranteed,they are 6P and PP.Then you have forced your opponent from guarding to getting a stun.

Hope this will help someone.
Expecting more Hayate stuff:)
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LoL you're Title is Very missleading..... I thought you wanted us to share some strategies with you......

BTW thanks for sharing with us. :)

Wait...... you want other people to share some strategies Don't You ? :eek:
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