Hisashi Koinuma Backs Recent Success with 7.7% Koei Tecmo Japan Salary Increase

Hishashi Koinuma has many roles at Koei Tecmo, but it's uncommon that he hints at anything or speaks to the public through big interviews, though the recent success at Koei Tecmo has caused him to acknowledge it; one of the best ways being extra compensation to salary-based workers in the various group companies that are located in Japan. While these raises have not yet been applied to the smaller companies in America or Europe, this is the 8th consecutive year there has been a raise within the realm of Koei Tecmo; which is very impressive and improves the quality of life for the developers crafting our games. Koei Tecmo has also announced a wage increase to workers just starting out with Koei Tecmo.

The lengthy Famitsu interview delved into sales and growth at Koei Tecmo games. Koinuma was quick to note the success of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty (which is going to be seeing its first DLC at the end of June) & Wild Hearts as the key elements to their success, but he was also very pleased with the latest Winning Post and celebrates the anime arrival of the Atelier Ryza saga. Koinuma also goes on to mention Rise of the Ronin & Ninja Gaiden and that it has been too long since Ninja Gaiden has seen "new works."

While Koinuma said he expressed interest in NFTs please keep in mind that he mentioned being interested in any outlet of new entertainment and that NFT creation would have to fit the bill of what customers would want for Koei Tecmo to run along with it. I don't think we will be seeing them if that's the case as the value in them has dropped immensely and people often revolt against companies that try unmercifully.

The fact that the president CEO of Koei Tecmo brought up Ninja Gaiden is out of character when you line up the quotes with past interviews, and I think it strongly suggests with the rest of the evidence we have since G-Note still points to Ninja Gaiden first with DOA coming sometime after. First, we have to get through the release period of Rise of the Ronin, which looks to be a stellar open-world video game by Team NINJA. Though an announcement before Q4 2024 is entirely possible with Team NINJA's schedule being completely clear when not considering Ronin or Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty DLC.

Koinuma Interview Credit & Photo Banner Taken via Famitsu
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